HealthLondon rhinoplasty – what to expect
London rhinoplasty – what to expect
12 months ago

London rhinoplasty – what to expect

Rhinoplasty has become an incredibly popular cosmetic surgical procedure in London especially among women. London rhinoplasty has now been adopted by so many people as an option for correcting a large variety of flaws and aims at ensuring that you have the most perfect nose possible. Before you embrace this procedure, it is always important for you to have an idea of exactly what you should expect when everything is said and done.

Know your options

Depending on what your objective is in getting your nose worked on, there are two main methods of rhinoplasty to consider. Depending on your specific needs and the prevailing situation, your surgeon will be the person to decide on what is best for you. The first option that your surgeon will propose to you is open rhinoplasty which is essentially the most common procedure for reshaping the nose. Generally speaking the technique usually involves the surgeon working on the outside parts of the nostrils with the aim of providing you with enhanced cosmetic improvements. The next option is closed rhinoplasty which is the better option when it comes to jobs that are less intense. During this procedure, the surgeon usually work right at the inside parts of the nose. Whichever the option you opt for, a cartilage will be used by the surgeon to rework the nose and ensure that the desired shape is achieved.
It is important that you find the best surgeon for London rhinoplasty to ensure that your objectives are achieved. Most importantly, you should ensure that you find a well trustable surgeon with the right training and experience with doing the nose job. Your family doctor can give you some recommendations on the best surgeons for this job and you can even consult your friends and family for referrals. Besides this, the internet is home to many online resources and directories regarding cosmetic surgery where you can get all the information that you need about rhinoplasty specialists in London.
Generally speaking, rhinoplasty surgery in London is usually performed line an outpatient procedure and can be done either at the day surgery center or at the hospital. General or local anesthesia is used during the operation and the entire process usually takes several hours to become completed. Nevertheless, the amount of time taken will depend on the kind of changes that you need.
Just as you would expect, your nose will initially become swollen and for about 24 hours, breathing through the nose will nearly be impossible. Also, there is a high likelihood that it will be bleeding and pain might also be experienced as well. Nevertheless, pain medications will really help a lot in getting everything in control while at the same time speeding up the healing process. The surgeon will place a splint over the nose as a way of ensuring that it is properly protected and to facilitate the process of healing. When London rhinoplasty is finally complete, you will certainly enjoy having a nose that matches perfectly well with your face.

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