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The difference of gopro hero 4 specs between the new versions
12 months ago

The difference of gopro hero 4 specs between the new versions

GoPro has released the latest camera in its action cams lineup with the new models which include the improved 4k video recording with a built in touchscreen. If you are already the owner of the Hero3+, you may not consider why you should buy the Hero4. This is why it is good to know the difference between the gopro hero 4 specs from the Hero3+.
Whenever you get a camera, you will see that it is written Hero4 or Hero 3+. This is the indication of the generation of the camera. However, the distinction of silver or black variant is somehow subtle.
The shape and the size of the GoPro did not change too much from the past years. The cameras have the same dimensions if they are not put into the protective housing. The two depth measurement varies according if the protruding lens is considered.
The cameras are put into the same cases and each case is found in the full standard housing and it is waterproof for under 40m together with the Skeleton Backdoors and open sides for the camera ports that are used for audio recording. The silver camera has touchscreen friendly backdoor.
When it comes to the weight, there is no difference between the weight of the two cameras and you cannot notice the extra couple of grams that make them different. But, if you have already a lighter model, you may consider the weight before you think about upgrading.
Field of View: the GoPro camera is known because of its wide field of view as feature for every camera and each camera is capable to shoot in the narrow and medium angles depending on its video resolutions. In the 35mm format terms, the ultra wide option have at least 15mm equivalent, the medium is 22mm equivalent and the narrow one is 30 mm equivalent.
When it comes to the gopro hero 4 specs, in terms of the sensor size, the sensor is 4,000×3, 000 pixels. This is smaller compared to other digital camera, but it is the standard of the action cams where there is no need to have bigger lenses than required.
The recording of 4K is the selling point of Hero4 Black. This is why the camera stands out and it is capable of shooting 4K video by using double frame rate compared to the old version. With the powerful image processor, the camera can shot 2.7K footage. Hero4 Black is at the top of high definition video recording. It is able to shoot up to 120fps. Other cameras are able to shoot the Full HD of 1080 but with 60/50 fps.
If you would like to produce the slow motion footage, you should look for the camera of high frame rate for its video recording. Even if these cameras have the same 120fps for their recording, their resolution is not the same. Hero4 Black has 1080 while others are limited up to 720p. Other gopro hero 4 specs are high video bitrate, good audio recording, still photo resolutions and burst rate still among others.

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